Automated UP Follow-Up & Tools that:

Drive More Inbound Calls & Lot Ups,
Generate More Referrals,
Attracts Non-Auction Inventory,

And helps you Close More Deals!

For a Test Drive call or text Jeff Bell at: 317-674-3335 or Toll-Free: 844-674-5323

How to Generate More UPs & CALLs to Your Dealership by
Automating Your
with a “Virtual Business Development Center”

Ringless Direct Voicemail Messaging delivers your pre-recorded voice messages directly to a person’s voice mail, bypassing their phone without ringing.  Because the cell network is bypassed there are no call or usage charges to the message recipient & is therefore compliant, plus all lists are scrubbed against national Do-Not-Call databases.

Your “Virtual Business Development Center” Automated UP Follow-Up Message System
sends Ringless Direct Voicemail Messages (RDVM) to unconverted UPs cell phone or landline voicemails that prompt them to call your dealership giving you & your sales people more sales opportunities & more deals!

We begin by pre-recording Ringless Direct Voicemail Messages in your voice (Dealer, General Manager, Sales Manager).  Then every day you send us ALL the 10-digit phone numbers of your UPs who did NOT buy on their first visit to your dealership.

Whether they are mobile or land line phone numbers, our system delivers your voice messages to the person’s VoiceMail on schedule (left) without ringing the persons phone, hence “RINGLESS Direct Voicemail Messages”.

People appreciate the follow-up ‘call’ on your part and our Voicemail scripts & messages are designed to prompt the person CALL YOU BACK & visit your dealership which gives you more opportunities to make & close a deal!

How It Works!

For a Test Drive of your Virtual Business Development Center Call or Text Jeff Bell at:
317-674-3335 or Toll-Free: 844-674-5323

3 Voicemail Follow-Up Messages are sent at 24-Hours, 72-Hours and 7-Days after an UP’s initial visit that generate more DEALS for you! Plus we send 3 Monthly Messages to generate REFERRALS and non-auction INVENTORY that generate more Ups and increase your profits - all in YOUR VOICE and automated giving you & your sales staff more time to sell!

VBDC PRO uses Highly Targeted LOCAL Advertising to Drive Calls, Web Traffic Leads & More Ups  to your Independent Dealership!